Three Easy Sausage Breakfast Ideas


I love a clean kitchen but the kids gotta eat…

My kitchen is not always this spick and span, but I can dream right???

I’m a busy mom-on-the-go and I can bet that you, too, are busy juggling all the things. It can be tough (and tiring) to make sure my kids get breakfast before the leave for school.

I know breakfast is important, so I’m sharing my time saving hack for THREE easy school morning breakfasts for the mom-on-the-go.

Each of these breakfast ideas include sausage. You can always switch this out and add to the recipes below.

Here’s what you’ll do first…

  1. Cook all your sausage on Sunday when you usually have a little more time and time to clean up.
  2. Put it in a container to pull from all week.

Breakfast Idea #1:

Scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage mixed in.

This literally only takes about 5 minutes of prep time and it’s filling for your kiddos.

Breakfast Idea #2:

Sausage and Cheese Puffs

This was a staple made by my friend throughout our years of tailgating. (Go VOLs!)

I take two Pillsbury Crescent Rolls then add my pre-mixed goat cheese and sausage. Then, I wrap them up, place them in the oven for the duration of the crescent roll cook time and then viola!. In less then 20 minutes, you have a quick and easy breakfast.

Note that while you’re waiting for you oven to preheat, you’ll want to assemble the sausage puffs to save you time!

Breakfast Idea #3:

Cheese and Sausage Balls.

This is a blast from the past. We ate these all the time growing up. I love being able to adapt them for my dairy free children now. Mom used to make these a TON at a time and freeze them in sets of 12 in the freezer. Hello genius!

This recipe does take a bit more prep work on Sunday, but totally worth the time for the quick and easy breakfast during the week!

Here’s my momma’sbreak recipe in her handwriting below!

Tell me, what’s some of your go-to breakfast ideas? And, bonus points if they include sausage!

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