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I always want to be the “fun mom”. I mean, who doesn’t right? But when it’s all said and done, I’m wearing so many hats that it can be difficult at times to implement all the fun festive ideas that I have in mind for my kids.

Celebrating each holiday with my kiddos even if it’s a small way, is one of the highlights of being a parent to me. I mean, y’all even know that I had a small Valentine’s Day party ready for my kiddos this year and I’m not big on Valentine’s Day.

Well, with Easter fast approaching and my to-do list growing, I haven’t officially been able to gather party supplies to celebrate.

Then I discovered The Party Blueprint…

The Party Blueprint is a game-changer for this busy momma, y’all, as it offers carefully curated parties in a box that are shipped directly to your doorstep. Every holiday or celebration you can think of, they have a box that can be customized for your specific party needs and guest numbers.

How did The Party Blueprint come to life?

Laura Cox, the girl behind the brilliant idea, has been planning parties for her family and friends for years. Her goal with this small business is to make hosting a party feel accessible, less overwhelming, and essentially effortless for anyone.

Laura helped a dear friend plan an event and her friend stated how she looked as if she was doing the most, but in reality she was doing the least.

This is truly the essence of what Laura tries to provide clients with and let’s you be the hostess of your event without the hassle making the hostess’ decisions like the what and how.

The Party Blueprint Box takes the guesswork out of your planning and provides you everything you need for the perfect in-home celebration. And, while they don’t ship food items, they do provide you with menu items that help correlate with the festivities that are within the box.

You can see the details of my St. Patricks Day Party In A Box in this instagram reel… my kids were thrilled and I felt such a relief to the that FUN MOM I dream of being!

Have fun for fun’s sake.

I love any excuse to throw a party and have fun with my kiddo’s and these custom party boxes allow me just that.

How to get The Party Blueprint Box…

I’ll actually be doing a giveaway on Instagram later today for their Limited Edition Easter Box so make sure to check over there for all the details.

What’s all included in the box? 

+ 4 bunny plates
+ 4 bunny cups
+ 6 carrot napkins
+ table confetti
+ 4 bunny party crackers (includes confetti, tattoos, 1 joke)
+ 4 pair bunny ears
+ egg dye kit
+ egg decorating tattoos with sponge
+ whoppers mini robin eggs
+ easter sidewalk chalk

How to connect with Laura & The Party Blueprint Box…

Visit the website for more information. Remember – just because a box isn’t on the website doesn’t mean they don’t offer it! They website is still being updated daily, so contact Laura if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for! Laura is working on an adult themed Cinco De Mayo box as we speak and I will be one of the 1st to sign up to purchase. While these limited amount, holiday themed boxes are just what this busy momma needs, I have plans to use The Party Blueprint Box in other ways too. When it’s a friends birthday or baby shower in another city that I can’t attend, how fun would it be to send a “party in a box” to her doorstep?

Now, Laura and I wanna know, what sort of PARTY IN A BOX would add some surprise fun to your home?

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