Sunnies… splurge, spend, or save?

I am a big fan of sunglasses and I am not proud to say I have spent some serious $ on sunglasses in the past. Let me tell you about the birthday that all I wanted was leopard print Oakleys- ha. My dad assured me I would never get them because it was ridiculous to spend that much on sunglasses. True fact, but my parents came through and surprised me!

Sunnies… are you a splurge, a spender, or a saver?

Anyway, more recently my biggest sunglass splurge has been on my Tom Fords (insert heart eyes). I do absolutely love them but between slinging softball and lacrosse bags, taking pre kers out to the playground, and my usual rushed pace, I haven’t been wearing them for fear of loosing or breaking them. Don’t worry, I don’t think I will ever get rid of them and Tom Ford will always be my favorite splurge worthy sunglasses, but I need some I can wear in all the chaos of multitasking mompreneur life! 

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So… a year or 2 ago I went on a quest for some less expensive sunnies and became quickly addicted to Quay. Yes, I was fulll on INFLUENCED by my friend, NashvilleTash and the great deals Quay runs! I got to go to their show spot at Coterie (NYC market) pre covid and just drooled. They have so many fabulous styles and don’t break the bank.

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Make sure you follow me on IG  because they always run deals… BOGO being the best, and I will be keeping an eye out for you. 

BUT… y’all… with as frazzled as my mind is these days, I have been searching for some super duper inexpensive sunglasses that still look good and  fit comfortably but are a steal of a deal. Well, you’re welcome… I am sharing my finds with you with my favorite amazing sunglasses.

So, which kinda gal are you? Sunglasses splurger or save on the sunnies? Oh, you can shop all my favorite sunglasses when you follow me in like to know it.

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