Spring Shoe Showdown

Here’s the thing, when my weight fluctuates (hello pandemic), sometimes its not all that fun to buy clothes, BUT you know what always fits? Shoes and accessories! We can chat more about accessories, because goodness knows I have a lot of thoughts on that, but for today lets focus on foot flair, shall we? Tell me I’m not the only one with this buying pattern?

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Ok, I’ll admit it, I can be a but of an over buyer when it comes to shoes. A change of shoes can completely change the whole outfit, ya know? However, the reality is that, like clothes, I tend to wear the same shoes over and over, so I have helped us & made a list of the 5 types of shoes you need to get through spring and summer.


You know I had to put this 1st because it is currently my most worn shoe. There are so many brands and price points out there, so make a choice that makes sense for your budget. Also think: would you rather have 1 really nice pair or a few just as great but not so expensive options? Here are my 3 go to brands depending on weather you want to major splurge, splurge, or save!

SPLURGE Options / SPEND Options / SAVE Options 

You know I am a bling kinda girl, but of course all of these brands have non-glitter options as well.  

Flat Sandal

Yes, I said flat. Let’s be a real, following a year of loungewear, how often are you going to throw on those high heels? Flat sandals are all the rage and I am here for it! Think about your lifestyle when shopping these options. Do you need a dressier look or is super casual convenient for your needs?

Gold Leaders/ Small straps / braided strap

So, think about what your life looks like for the next few months. Are you going into the office? Are you doing lunch with friends? Do you have a vaca planned? Here are some of my fav, both dressy and casual, flat sandal options.

Platform Sandal

Ok, you “can’t do a flat.” I’ve heard many of you say it. OR, maybe you just prefer something to elongate your legs a bit, but you’re don’t want a real heel. Meet your go to shoe option–> the FLATFORM. Yes, it’s a flat platform and these 2 I am suggestion I have been wearing on repeat.

Marc Fisher Leather Sandals / Dolce Vita Leopard Sandals / Another Option

Heel/Wedge Sandal

There will be a time, believe me, that you do want to feel a little more “done up” even if you don’t have a major function. it may be a random Tuesday or it could be a Friday Date Night. Here are some of my favorites. Comfort is key to me, here are the top 2 I recommend based on looks, comfort, and versatility.

Braided with Block Heel/ Gold Slide

Don’t trust me?Order them and walk around your house (not outside, of course), before you are going to wear them for a full day and you’ll see. 

Water Shoe (&/or active wear shoe)

Ok are you confused? let me explain.

Waterproof Birkenstocks / Chacos / Tevas/ Havainas  

You for sure need a shoe for the pool, beach, or just to water the flowers, right? Well I prefer the waterproof Birkenstocks above or flip flops like Havainas for that.

Now, for those of you a little more “active” that me (ha), you need something great for say, canoein,g where you need to also be able to wade/walk in the water. How’s that for specific? ha. My brain can’t spit out the words I am looking for but if you need this type shoe you need it. Even if you don’t think you need it, I have a feeling there will be a day you wish you had it so go ahead and add to cart. For the average person, this is not a shoe that will need to be purchased every year. I have had my chaos since college and they are still going strong! JT has even sent his off to be resoled and they are good as new! I’ve linked up some of those as well as a few other brands I like.

 And I have to also mention, I do love my metallic Birkenstocks with all kinds of looks- even though they didn’t make it in my 5 MUST HAVEs- ha! 

Metallic Birkenstocks / Metallic Birks

Ok, so let’s be honest… for this Spring Shoe Showdown… run take a glimpse into your closet. I need to know- which category are you missing from your closet. AND… which group do you tend to over buy?

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