It’s all about colors that make you blend in but silhouettes that make you stand out.

After hanging in bathing suits, pjs, and workout wear most of the summer, with back to school comes reasons to actually get up and dressed for this event or that. 

I rounded up a few looks based on what yall told me you needed:

  1. Teacher attire
  2. Work wear
  3. Back to school meetings or lunch with friends

I will say, I love a pj day with the best of them, but I am by far more productive and honestly in a better mood when I actually wake up, get ready, and get dressed for the day- even if I am just working at home. 

Last week we kicked off the looks with outfit inspiration for you color loving ladies- click here to be sure to check those out. Now, we’re moving on to outfits for those of you who would rather your clothes blend in than stand out – yes, you neutral needing souls

I will say, so much can be done in your accessories that if you are on a super tight budget, I suggest a few black bottoms and serval white tops and then you can mix and match with shoes and jewels to make different looks. Maybe I should do a round up of white tops, what do yall think? Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d be into!

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