Not So Basic = Versatility

If you know me, you know I am slightly obsessed with a great neural top! If you see my closet, there is probably more white/cream than anything else in my top section. How boring, uh? Nope, I disagree. Wanna know why I think a neutral top is a must have?

In full confession, I used to love bright, bold colors. If there was a bright red or hot pink top, I always chose that over a white, cream, or black top. That shifted around the time I became a mom. Maybe it was because I was so busy making sure THEY looked put together that I in turn looked a hot mess; i didn’t want more attention drawn my way through bold colors. Or maybe it was because I wasn’t totally secure with my body and I wanted to blend in rather than stand out. I am not super proud of either of these reasons, but thankfully I have grown past those “appearance must be perfect” thoughts.

(I even picked out this non print print this past week as one of my favorites from Coterie Market coming for Fall 2020 to KMcCarthy Nashville.)

I think of a neutral top as the perfect canvas for fun colorful necklaces or earrings. You know I am an always accessorize gal, so a basic top gives me the opportunity to really highlight my accessories. Whether its a chunky short necklace, a long statement necklace, or a big pair or fun earrings- when I have a neutral top I feel like the jewelry really pops. It’s amazing how a simple accessory switch out can really change the way an outfit looks.

Speaking of changing it up… when I buy something new, I like to think about the price per wear. If I break down the price by how many times I will wear the piece it helps me decide how that purchase would fit in my budget. When I buy a neutral tee that can be styled many ways, I know I am going to wear it often so the price per wear is almost always surprisingly LOW. I have been known to buy more than 1 of the same top when I find a great neutral top I really love and know I will want to style and wear day after day. 

To go along with the price per wear thought, it’s a total win when I can dress a top up or down. I find I can do that more easily with a neutral top. As busy moms, we are often running from the grocery to carpool to dinner. I love wearing something that I can just change my shoes, jewelry, and maybe lipgloss and feel ready to go. Let’s be real, who has time for full outfit changes with kids or dogs or whatever it is that demands your attention in the afternoons. 

If you’ve been following along with me for any time at all, you know I am far from boring in my style. I am back to loving bright colors and feeling more confident that I am God’s masterpiece- fearfully and wonderfully made (even with a little muffin top). It just shows up in different ways. I still am not going to grab the brightest top over a neutral, but I sure am going to have some real pop in my jewelry, shoes, and maybe lipstick!

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