My Personal Style & Shopping Rules:

Because my life is a series of mix and match hats, my style is the same way.  I love to mix and match different brands as my budget and life allows. 


Rules when shopping for ladies: 

– Always accessorize- no matter what is on your day’s agenda!
– Exercise is not required to wear workout clothes
– Price per wear is a real thing.
– Things should mix and match- not just go with 1 outfit.
– Always feel comfortable in what you wear.
-Every now and then I do believe a blister or two is worth it for a great pair of killer shoes.

Rules when shopping for your child!

– don’t shop FOR your child when she is over the age of 8 or a picky child.
– comfort is key… if it is itchy or too tight or too lose, she won’t wear it 
– Price per wear is a real thing when it comes to children’s clothes as well
– Things should mix and match- not just go with 1 outfit.
– If she is into top and pants, don’t force a dress. If she is into dresses, don’t force a romper.
-Every now and then I do believe YOU ARE THE PARENT and get to TELL HER what she WILL wear! 

***At my house we have red, yellow, and green days! 

  • What I’m Known For:
    – CEO of the Martin Family (otherwise known as loving mom, wonderful wife and part-time Uber driver)

    – Matilda Jane Mix and Max Specialist (aka Trunk Keeper) customizing styling to your personality

    – Matilda Jane Team Leader helping busy moms create their own business

    – Community volunteer with a great passion for Daystar Counseling Ministries, Camp Wonderfully Made, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and my children’s school