Most worn article of clothing in my closet…

Yes, you read that right… we are about to talk about the most worn article of clothing in my entire closet this spring. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a little hit… here in Nashville it has been freezing in the morning and sweltering in the afternoons so layering is key. Did that give it away? Drum roll please… my denim jackets!

Let’s be real, the denim jacket trend has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere. This seems to be a staple in every fashion twist and turn. Sure, the style my change a little, but it’s always there. Here’s a tip for you- don’t ever get rid of them. Like ever… as you know, I love doing closet clean outs, so I am often tempted to pass an old denim jacket on. I still regret getting rid of a J. Crew denim jacket I had in high school in that year post college when I thought I was far to old and wise for such a piece. WRONG! If you have jackets you aren’t wearing for one reason or another, but them in a bin in your attic. Chances are that trend will return and you will thank me for being able to pull out the vintage silhouette.

So we have established that you need a denim jacket, or a few since you will be wearing it so frequently. Let’s chat about my favorites. Side note: I  do think it’s nice to have a blue one and a white one. I wear both… often.

#1- Lone Star Denim Jacket (cropped)

This silhouette looks flattering on any and all body styles and comes in all inclusive sizing (XS- XXL). It has discrete embroidery detail along the crest, around the back, and around the cuff.  The crop is not what you’re thinking when you hear crop- ha. It hits right along the natural waist for most. This is a very flattering look especially with dresses. The price per wear of this $98 jacket will be pennies, I promise!

Buy the Lone Star Denim Jacket

Style Tip: Speaking of the cuff, I almost always unbutton the sleeves and give it a good rolled cuff of ALL my denim jackets.

#2 – Merley Jacket (regular length)

The description says it all. It hits at a regular length and honest is probably just what you envision when you think “denim jacket” no matter which fashion era you are in. The wash is gorgeous and the slight distressing is beautiful.

Buy the Able Merley Jacket

#3-  Right On Denim Jacket

If you aren’t so sure about the distressing or cropped, but want a basic denim jacket, this is your answer. The stretch in this denim makes it feel more like comfy loungewear than a structured denim jacket, but you look put together for the rest of the world. The super discrete white dots give it a little fun flair as does the single stand out button at the bottom. It’s a steal of a deal at $88 and currently available in S-XXL.

Buy the Right On Denim Jacket

#4-  Long Merley Jacket

Yes, you read that right… just like the regular length Merley jacket, but longer. My friend, Leslie, had this at the beach a few weeks ago and I fell in love.

Buy the Long Merley Jacket

 #5.- Southfork White Denim Jacket

If you want to know the absolute truth, THIS is the one that I wore 4 out of 7 days last week. It’s just that good. There is some distressing but it is discrete enough to wear even when you need to be dressed a little bit “nicer” and I have been loving the white. It just feels so fresh and crisp over dresses, with skirts, and even with shorts or pants on those chilly mornings. Like the Lone Star Jacket, it is a shorter jacket, which I personally love. It’s comes in XS-XXL and is only $88.

Buy the Southfork White Denim Jacket

What about the girls in our lives?

Yes, they need this staple as well. Here is Mary Catherine & Kaiser’s favorites, as well as a few others we have rounded up!

So, where do you stand on the denim jacket obsession ? Want help analyzing your closet and which one(s) would be great additions? Just let me know and we can do a phone or in person styling session!

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