It’s Travel Time Friends!

With summer, typically comes lots of traveling. Last summer was so different and sadly, our annual beach trip with our fRamily didn’t get to happen, but this year- IT IS ON! 

Because I suspect you are a little more in the “go mode” than last year as well, I’m sharing some of my travel must-haves and my packing tips with you.

Mix & Match Madness’s Top 10 Amazing Travel Must Haves

  1. When you travel, you aren’t always sure what the lighting or mirror situation will be and there is nothing worse than fighting for space while trying to get ready for the day. This foldable lighted mirror allows you to “get ready” anywhere.
  2. Any over packers out there? When I am trying to fit a ton into 1 bag, I certainly have strategies, BUT those don’t always involve keeping clothes unwrinkled. I have ordered this travel steamer for those pieces that need it while away!
  3. You know I believe in accessorizing… ALWAYS. I struggled for years with HOW to keep up with all of my earrings, bracelets, rings, and more delicate necklaces when I travel. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a single earring due to unorganized packing for these things. This jewelry pouch has been a game changer! Depending on the duration of your trip (ie how many jewels you are taking), there are 2 sizes available. (Yes, I have both!)
  4. You may be wondering why I have these on my must have travel list?? These waterproof Birkenstocks have become something I don’t leave home without. When in a hotel, I don’t like to walk around barefoot. I don’t care how fancy the hotel is, I just don’t like to be barefoot when I don’t know who or what was there last. (Yes, I’m aware how weird I am :-)) These pack so easily, weigh best to nothing, and double as slippers or pool/beach shoes. They are so incredibly comfortable and I love the double duty nature of them. The silver is my favorite color because it matches everything.
  5. Turkish Towels are way more than just a towel. First, they fold so flat, and therefore, are easily packed. Yes, they are my favorite beach/pool/lake towel due to the size and fast drying nature, but they also work as a blanket on the plane or car when you can’t agree on a temperature. I don’t know about you, but when sitting around watching the morning news, no matter how warm it is, I like something draped over me and this is the perfect weight and size. Lastly, they make a perfect wrap/sarong over your bathing suit no matter what the location may be.
  6. When traveling, I tend to take more pictures and videos than ever (insert my children’s eye rolls). That combined with the constant maps feature being used on my phone, I feel like my phone dies faster when I am not somewhere with easy access to my charger. Enter this portable charger. I have tried lots of chargers out there but this one is by far my favorite because it needs NO extra cords! the plug and charging cord are all built in.
  7. Speaking of traveling with technology… all the cords and plugs drive me crazy sticking out of bags and getting buried in clothes… until this genius technology organizing system that is. Like the jewelry pouch, this comes in a smaller version and the big one that even fits an iPad.
  8. You never know what the pillow situation will be when you travel. JT and I sleep with multiple pillows each, so I don’t leave home without a travel pillow and this one is amazing. When on a road trip, I don’t necessarily need it to pack small, but when flying it packs into this little bag.
  9. Even adults need sound machines, right? If you fall in that category, this is the perfect travel sound machine for you. It runs on batteries and has all the sounds and time settings that most home ones do.
  10. This is a new to me product and I think I am obsessed. I used these vacuum travel bags on my girl’s trip to the beach back in April and fell in love. Basically, the bags serve as packing cubes for me and the little vacuum that suctions the air out plugs in with a phone charger base. You can bet that anything I am packing not on hangers will be in these suctioned bags.

Now, HOW do you pack all your stuff to make sure you don’t forget an important piece of an outfit and make it easy to unpack when you arrive at your destination?

1- this was recorded Jan. 2020, but the idea is still the same!
2- this was shown in a roller suitcase, but for children or a shorter weekend trip, I pack on hangers and just fold them over into the duffle on top of all my other stuff.

Where are you traveling? and actually, are you flying or driving? Stay tuned for my basket of fun to keep children entertained while traveling coming next week!

Whatever your summer plans are for Summer 2021, I hope that you are able to relax and make memories with the people you love most!

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