Collaboration.  Authenticity.  Versatility.

These three words describe the brand values of Mix and Match Madness best.

Collaboration. I am a team with my customers and their daughters. I am always going to be asking for feedback and input. I also work hand in hand with the ladies in my business. I am ALL about women supporting women.

Authenticity. Things aren’t always sunshine and roses. I am dedicated to sharing real life with my friends and family.

Versatility. As life changes so do you. I want you to invest in things that can adapt with you no matter what. I always strive to be relatable no matter what celebration or crisis you are going through.

Because my life is a series of mix-and-match hats, my style is the same way. I love to mix and match different brands as my budget and life allow. Here are some of my favorites!

Rules when Shopping with Ladies

  • Always accessorize – no matter what is on your day’s agenda!
  • Exercise is not required to wear workout clothes.
  • Price per wear is a real thing.
  • Things should mix and match – not just go with 1 outfit.
  • Always feel comfortable in what you wear.
  • Every now and then I do believe a blister or two is worth it for a great pair of killer shoes.