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Believe it or not Easter is 6 weeks away!

Yes ma’am… 2021 moves both at the speed of sound AND at a snails pace. Do you agree?

Well, Easter is early this year – the 1st weekend in April – so I am here to help you knock that off your list so you can sit back and enjoy all the fun that comes in March (aka SPRING BREAK).

Today is all about that basket your kiddos look forward to (we’ll talk about Easter wardrobes later 😉). Let me preface this by saying that we have gotten less and less extravagant over the years about Easter happies… JT and I try hard, not always successfully, to keep the meaning of Easter the center of our conversations.

I feel like sometimes children can quickly tell you Easter is about egg hunts and the cute bunny; but I pray all of our children think first about the gift that God gave us of His Son dying on the cross FOR US when they think of Easter.

So… I love doing a little something for Kaiser, Mary Catherine, and James and know you do the same for your kids, but I’m suggesting you keep it simple.

Here is my suggestion: 4ish items. 1 from each of these 4 categories listed below!

Easter Basket Ideas

Before we break that down, you will want something cute to put these things in. Being the traditional southern gal that I am, I do love a traditional wooden basket (with or without a cute name or monogram embroidered on). BUT… I also have found that in my attempt to de-clutter, it is nice to gift something that serves other purposes too.

Which do you prefer? Traditional or functional? 

Easter Basket Options

Shop Traditional Options: Wicker Basket with Liner | Furry Basket

Shop Functional Options: Backpack | Box Basket (contact me to order) | Pouch Set

Easter Basket Happy Ideas

One: Fun Accessories

Depending on the age of the child, hair flare, other wise known as bows, clips, headbands, scrunchies, or even hats, can be a big hit. Socks are another treat to roll up and add to the gift. I am a big fan of our colorful knee socks, but some girls prefer the shorter socks.

Do I even need to mention sunglasses? Duh, who doesn’t love them?!?

Depending on what else you are planning to add, you might choose to include a 2 or 3 accessories.

Accessories for Easter Basket
To purchase specific items, you can shop my website or contact me to order.

Two: Bathing Suites & Cover Ups

Is it just me or does Easter signify that spring has sprung even more than the official first day of spring (March 20th this year)?

It’s when I pull out my white jeans. Yes, I am an old school rule follower like that! It’s when those toes better be polished because the sandals come out. It’s when you officially start counting down till the end of school. Right? Sooooo… a cute new bather, as my sister calls them, is the perfect gift to give for Easter.

I am a big fan of coordinating covers up, so might as well throw that in too!

Easter Gift Ideas Bathing Suit & Cover Ups

Shop my current favorite swim collection here. There are even some cute options for ladies!

Three: Game, Toy, Stuffed Animal

Now since we are all smart adults here, I don’t need to go into how Christmas is different than Easter, do I? When I hear a child say “I’m going to ask for that for Easter. my head explodes! I firmly believe there shouldn’t be a “spread” on Easter morning like there is Christmas morning, but a little game, toy, or stuffed animal included in an Easter Happy seems appropriate in my opinion.

And yes, no judgement if you disagree and grab one of each… that is the beauty in parenting OUR children. We get to do it in our own way – in the way WE think is best for them… and honestly, no one else’s negative opinion should matter! I digress…

Here are a few small things my kiddos are loving right now and a short description about each!

Easter Basket Gift Ideas toys, games, and stuffed animals

The yard dice can be used in lots of my #trickthemintolearning activities. Plus, they think they are fun. That is a win win.

Bop it! is a game the whole family will love. We have this travel version and keep it in the car for times we are sitting in traffic or carpool line.

Am I the only one who’s children are obsessed with fun pens and markers. I can see their heart eyes in my head if this fun pack of disappearing ink set was in my kiddos Easter happy this year.

The water beads are a favorite for ALL ages but be sure to supervise littles. You put them in water and they expand and you can do all sorts of fun art or sensory activities with them.

The story telling dice are another #trickthemintolearning tool that can be a fun family game as well. Don’t know how, reach out and I’ll explain how we use them. (Hint: Dinner time story starter.)



Last, but not least, THE (yes THE) stuffed bunny of the year goes to Emma Bunny (contact me to order) made my Matilda Jane. She comes with the rainbow dress that is available in a matching girls dress, and her dress fits all 18” dolls including American Girl Dolls.

Four: A Novelty Treat

Nope, I am not talking about candy! I am talking about a fun addition to her wardrobe. Depending on her style and what she NEEDS (yes, I do consider needs not just wants) in her closet. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve rounded up for you. Which style would the girl in YOUR life like most?
Easter Novelty Gift Ideas

Now, we can’t talk about Easter happies and ignore the fact that you will want some cute PJs for all the photo opportunities, right? I am currently living in these personally and I just think the children’s super soft pajamas are a win-win. I can guarantee you that these get worn in my house far beyond just the holiday they were made for! Contact me if you’d like to order the children’s Easter PJs. I have a feeling they will sell out soon!


Easter Gift Idea PJs

And that’s a wrap Y’all…

Let me know if I can give you any more details or answer any questions OR if you just want it done from start to finish for you – let me know! I am happy to gather all the goodies and ship straight to your doorstep for you!
Before you go, is there anything you always include that I forgot about? Share it in the comments! 

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