Ok, let’s talk about a staple every girl at every age needs to have in her closet. Yes, from babies to ladies, we all need at least 1 version of a denim jacket. I’ll admit, back in the day, I worked at Harold’s, and we had a new style denim jacket just about every season and I always had to have the latest and greatest, BUT in my old age (haha) I have adapted the idea less is more and desire fewer quantity and amazing quality. Now, don’t be fooled… you will see me sporting a few different styles throughout the year depending on my mood and the day’s agenda. 

I will start by sharing my current most worn: The Roxanna Jacket from Shop Avara. Y’all, when I tell you this is a show stopper, I am not kidding. As a friend said at Kaiser’s play last weekend when I was wearing it “OMG, a denim jacket with a puff shoulder.” I could see the hearts in her eyes and when I told her the price I think she immediately added it to her cart! Y’all, it is only $78, but you can save 10% with my code MIXANDMATCH when you place your 1st order with Shop Avara. Warning: size up in this one. I am in a medium and I love the way it fits! 

Next up, I am going to share my longest worn: The Merly Jacket from Able. Oh, and I happen to have it in 2 colors- the original wash with the perfect amount of distressing as well as the washed black. This is one of the softest denims you will find and don’t let the distressing fool you, I pair this casual and not so casual. The price is a bit of a splurge, but if you want to invest in a quality piece to last for years, this is it! I have a size small and love the way it fits, so I would call it true-to-size.

Tween Mom tip: Kaiser got this for her birthday and wears it all of the time. She is in size XXS. 

Ok, I’m going to finish us out with a fabulously classic denim jacket from Old Navy. The price is just right if you aren’t sure how often you will actually throw on a denim jacket. Grab this one and see how often you wear it before you upgrade. I don’t have this one personally, but have been told it is a perfect classic and fits true-to-size. Seems like a very reasonable option. 

Now, before I let you go, I told you girls of every age needed a denim jacket so here’s a round up of child approved looks you can layer over those spring/summer dresses or throw on over shorts and a tee for a more put together looks for the little diva in your life! 

Are you already a denim jacket lover? Share your fav with us! 

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