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Frequently Asked

How do you fit all the hats I wear into a day, week, month, year?

Honestly, I feel like life is a mix and match balancing act. I get up before the rest of my house to have some quiet time and knock out some work before Mom hat morning race begins and that helps a lot. Now that my children are older and going to school almost full time, I try and be as productive as possible during the day. I live by a to do list, although I am not always proud of that. Some of my hats overlap, which is nice sometimes. For example, I often have mini styling convos in the halls of the school while I am there for a meeting- ha. 

How did you and your hubby meet? Have you always lived in Nashville?

We met and fell in love in college and got engaged on the Power T on the University of TN football field. We got married the following May, lived in McMinnville, TN for a while then moved to Franklin, TN and finally settled in Nashville a year later. About a year ago we finished building our dream home and I hope to be here making memories forever!

Are your girls twins?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that… nope, they are just under 2 years apart. My middle is taller than her sis so that often makes people think they are same age or that she is older. 

What is Matilda Jane Clothing?

Matilda Jane is a clothing company for girls of all ages (babies, children, tween, and ladies… and occasionally boys). We are committed to keeping little girls little… but feeling like big girls! As you will soon realize, MJC is about more than just clothes. I have met some of my best friends through this dream job and have been able to give back in my community in ways I would only dream about without being a trunk keeper.

Why is being a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper a dream job?

Because I get to make my own schedule and determine my own paycheck all while putting my family and community life 1st!

If your main source of income is Matilda Jane, why do you share your favorites from other stores and not just Matilda Jane?

I am a true mix and match girl and so are Kaiser, Mary Catherine, and James. I rarely dress head to toe from one brand and I don’t expect you or your kiddos to either. Styling to me, means making the best outfits and that often means pulling from multiple brands and stores. 


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