Christmas Is Coming


5 months away!

Can you even believe that Christmas is 5 months away? It will be here before we know it.  Like literally, I feel like the term long days short years couldn’t be truer these days. I feel like every time I look up, time as flown, my kids are older, and the next “big event” is here. 

Ok, I know some of you work better under pressure, but that is NOT me! Literally, I usually have so much of my Christmas shopping completed by the time school started back. Well, I am no where near that this year. In fact, I am just starting to make my list and check it twice.

I thought each month leading up to Christmas we could share some fun ideas. If I share some with you, will you share some with me in the comments?

  1. Personalized Socks – you know I look for reasons to gift these because they are just so fun and unique. We give them to dad every father’s day, but these are a fun stocking stuffer for just about anyone. You can do photos, a child’s drawing, a nickname… anything! Men and women of ALL ages love these. Use code MIXMATCH to save 10% on 3+ pair. 
  2. Lake Pajamas – Ok, I was in sticker shock when I first learned about these years ago. Then I got my 1st set, and wowzers, they are so dang soft and look appropriate whether hanging in pjs for a lazy morning or getting straight into bed. Kaiser has also fallen in love with them so I’m grabbing her a set for Christmas and a robe for a few of the lucky ladies in my life!
  3. T3 hair supplies– Again, you can find something for the tween, teen, young adult, and so on in your life. I, personally, think the travel dryer, 1.25” curling iron, and hot rollers are my 3 favs for myself and for gifting. 
  4. Good Hart Statement top – Who is that friend or family member that “has it all?” You know the one… so hard to buy for because when she wants something she just gets it herself? Well, Good Hart Clothing has a sale going on and therefore, you have a solution. Grab her a “statement top collection” … yes, so many pieces are only $20 and great year round paired with nice bottoms or jeans. Grab her 3-4 and watch her squeal with excitement as she opens your thoughtful gift. 
  5. Food Loving Fun – I have surprised the kiddos with some of these this summer, and if I am being honest, JT and I have enjoyed it as much as they have. A friend gave us a s’mores maker last year and it sparked such an idea. These are good for the whole family, so make the perfect gift. I feel like supply chain still isn’t “back to normal” so go ahead and grab what you need now and put it away until time to wrap. 

Ok, there are my top 5 ideas to kick-off your holiday shopping.

Who is it you struggle with the most? Let me know and maybe next month we can focus on ideas for him/her!

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