Celebrating Valentine’s Day

The countdown is on…

Tomorrow we are officially ONE month away from Valentine’s Day.

Let me start by saying I am not a Valentine’s person- like N.O.T. -NOT! It has always seemed like a “Hallmark holiday” that makes prices inflate on things like flowers and dinners out. And, it’s always left me wondering shouldn’t we show our love to each other EVERY day?

I mean, why do we need one specific day to focus on that?  Well, 2020 and now the start of 2021 has shifted my mindset a little so I want to share that with you…

We need a little HAPPY.

There, I said it… day in and day out things feel so heavy. With this pandemic we have very few festivities that we can plan out to look forward to. 

Very few playdates and even those are limited to home, no fun trips or weekends away, no doing dinner with big groups of friends. Mindset is everything, so I certainly try to lighten things up at our house and set small things to look forward to  right now.

So, guess what one of those little happies is going to be this year… 

Yup, that’s correct! VALENTINE’S DAY.

While the kiddos are at school today, I am going to decorate our house as a surprise for them when they return home. So, shhh don’t tell them if you know them! 

I’m not turning my house into the aisles of Valentine’s Day like at Target; but I am going to put a pillow here, a garland there, and some fresh pink flowers. 

Side note: I actually am not a fan of red roses. They are just too cliche for me, I guess. But, I digress… 

Here are some of the things I will be using or am thinking about ordering to decorate our home and bring a little HAPPY to our day! 

Valentine's Day Decor

Next, I’m planning to add some Valentine’s attire to our not so exciting wardrobe. 

Reality is, we don’t need anything fancy, because – well you know – we aren’t going anywhere. BUT who says we can’t look festive for each other??? 

Here are a few things on my list to get for the girls:

Valentine's Day Attire for Girls

And… You know I can’t talk about cute-themed girls clothes without talking about Matilda Jane.

I’m so excited that our designers (thanks Meagan and Madeline and Laura) gave us a small January collection perfect for wear now and into the spring. I love the subtle hearts and “love” theme without the clothing and accessories being all pink and red. It makes it perfectly versatile for Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

Here are a few of my favorite girls’ pieces, and, of course, our beloved PAJAMAS for babies, girls, and ladies! 

P.S. If you want to order any of these new pieces, you can get your preorders in by tonight (January 13th at 5pm) and then items will go live on Thursday (Jan. 14th!). Just fill out this form real quick or send me a message here!

And, we can’t forget about the boys in our life!

Here are a few things I think James will like- or I will like for him- ha!

Valentine's Attire for Boys

Last, but not least, the actual HAPPIES the week of Valentine’s. 

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday so it’s the perfect day to talk about LOVE.

We will start with online church. Hello, how much does God love us that he gave up His only Son???  Then the rest of the day, we are going to have FAMILY TIME.

I have a vision in my head of breakfast as a family with a few Valentines happies at each person’s seat. Now… let me be VERY clear, in my opinion, this is not a holiday where children should be “asking for things.” (We have a whole problem in our world that children ask for things from the Easter bunny, Cupid, and who knows who else. Can we teach them to be content with what they have so we can occasionally actually surprise them with little things just because we want to? And without them asking? Soapbox over….) The rest of the day we will play family games and watch family movies. My kiddos LOVE a day that I don’t focus on work or cleaning – just them… and JT too!

Here are some of what I am thinking about. 

Valentine Gift Ideas for Kids

P.S. To order the floral tumbler or polka dot mug, please message me here! These two items are Matilda Jane exclusives with limited quantites.

Here are a few things on a wishlist for myself:

Valentine's Day Gifts for Moms

My family just might wonder what happened to their “other mom” because, like I said, I have never been a Valentine’s girl, but this year I’m looking forward to February 14th. I guess as the saying goes… Never say never, uh?

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