Cabi Clothing

Are you a woman on the go who needs shopping ease and a closet full of versatile pieces that you can dress up or dress down and wear across multiple seasons? Maybe you have multiple children and are constantly between sporting events and household errands? Or are you a working woman who needs to be office-appropriate but still wants to feel stylish to transition to dinner out with friends? Are you a younger woman who just isn’t into the crop tops and extreme trends that are out there?

  • Do you need someone to show you ideas of how to style 1 piece many ways?
  • Do you value comfort as much as style?
  • Are you on a budget and need honesty about pieces you should grab and what you should pass on?
  • Do you need a personal stylist to be honest about what looks good on you and what isn’t the most flattering?

Well, meet Cabi Clothing (aka Carol Anderson By Invitation) and MEET ME… MIX AND MATCH MADNESS.

Download the cabi tap app and connect me as your stylist!

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For the easiest shopping & styling help, download CABI TAP app & connect to me as your stylist!

Mix & Match

Cabi is designed to mix and match with things you already have and love in your clothes. It is intended to be easy to on styles that help you take it from day to night with ease. I don’t wear one brand head to toe & I don’t expect you to either. My favorite thing to do is have you share your 3 most worn items from your closet & I help you make some NEW outfits using those.

Dress Up or Dress Down

One of my favorite things to do is take one piece and try and style it dressy and then casual. This helps me know I can get lots of wear out of the purchase! Cabi masters in designing silhouettes that are comfortable, flattering, and can easily be styled in multiple ways!


Did you know that a simple (or statement) topper can really change an outfit? Cabi is known for its “toppers” – aka jacket, sweater, and blazer. The thing I love about these awesome pieces is not just the quality and versatility, but that they are designed in such a way to stay in style for years to come. In the Cabi world, many women wear their toppers year after year after year.

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