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Y’all know I love a good sweatshirt, tie-dye and embroidery. Put these three things together and you’ve got one of my favorite small businesses…New Embroidery.

Today’s blog was supposed to be all about the 5 Must-Haves for Your Spring Wardrobe (Kids Edition) BUT as life would have it, some things just don’t always go to plan.

However, this little hiccup has given me the perfect opportunity to introduce you to one of my FAV small businesses.

Let me tell you a little bit about New Embroidery…

During the pandemic, Cole and Maggie New (a brother and sister duo) needed an outlet to channel their creativity.

They were making constant trips to Michael’s to find craft inspiration to help pass the time.

One day while scrolling through social media, they saw a TikTok video of someone making an embroidered shirt… and that’s when “it” clicked. Maggie and Cole purchased some thread and white t-shirts and began to teach themselves the art of embroidering.

They loved the fact that tie-dye was becoming popular again so they decided to mix and match the two to create the perfect combination. I mean… who doesn’t love tie-dye and custom embroidery??? 

What started out as a hobby and a way to pass time has turned into a small business that has continued to grow since May 2020. 

Maggie is a college senior who has returned to school in Boston where she is now embroidering and tie-dyeing from her dorm room. And Cole, a high school sophomore, is holding down the embroidering studio from their childhood home.

It’s crazy to think that this brother and sister duo has now created special and unique pieces for customers all over the United States.

And it’s all because they were wanting to find a way to pass time.

New Embroidery

Want to get your hands on a custom embroidered accessory or t-shirt from New Embroidery?

Today is your lucky day because you can checkout using code MIXANDMATCH10 for 10% off your order! My family loves New Embroidery and I know yours will too!

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Tell me, did you pick up a new skill during quarantine?

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