Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.

– Billy Baldwin

Hello! I’m Catherine.

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the World Wide Web where I share my love for mixing and matching as it intertwines with my daily life. I often say I am a life + style chaos coordinator showing busy gals how to mix and match with equal parts method & madness. As an over 40 mom of 3, I focus on versatility and ways to mix and match looks and finding pieces that can be dressed up or down with a simple change or shoes/accessories! My home is a lot like my closet- a little of this and a little of that! When asked my home decor style, I say I am very traditional with a side of funk! 

I live in Nashville with my hubby,JT, and our three crazy kiddos. While I was born and raised in Memphis, I attended UT (Go Vols!) which is where my future life began.

Before Mix and Match Madness, I was a kindergarten teacher. There are days when it seems like just yesterday, but other days it seems like a million years ago. After I had Kaiser, I started staying at home with her full time, but quickly realized- I love her, but I also need a little outlet for me. Soon after, I became a Trunk Keeper (and eventually a Team Leader) with Matilda Jane Clothing. I spent 13 years and many good days working my MJ business, investing in those relationships, and learning my love for really mixing and matching and helping women and children get dressed each day. It really is about more than just clothes- it was then and it is now!

Being a Team Leader meant I got to mentor and lead an amazing group of women. I absolutely love hopping on a call to hear about a current business struggle and brainstorming ideas to conquer through, creative work arounds, or simply take about long term goals and how to get there. These sessions inspire me to be a better person and keep me constantly thinking about innovative ways to work my business while juggling being a momma, wife, and all my titles in between.

My College Sweetheart

He’s my biggest supporter and never complains about all the photos I make him take with me. I never doubt his love for me and our family. Thank you for being you, JT! He has our children trained to finish his sentence- “mom is right…” and they follow up with 98% of the time.” While that isn’t necessarily the case, it’s a perfect example of how he walks along side me cheering for me and always helping boost my self confidence.

My Family, My Why!

The reason I chose a work-from-home, on-my-own time “job” all in one picture. Mary Catherine, Kaiser, and James – my hearts, my little team, my pride and joy. This gig isn’t easy and it’s often hard to step away from work because there is always more than could be done. My biggest goal and biggest struggle is to be present for them and with them when I am with them… THEY are my why… you all are the cherry on top! I hope thats ok?!?!

My Biggest Fans

My mom and sister are my biggest fans. Mom has always supported me and my sister’s biggest (and craziest) dreams. For those of you who don’t know, my sister is an amazing artist! Be sure to check her stuff out here. My dad passed away almost a decade ago (how can that be), and I feel certain that our whole family has a pretty good guardian angel watching down on us all the time.

Honestly, I feel like life is a mix and match balancing act. I get up before the rest of my crew to have some quite time and knock out some work before I have to put on my Mom hat on. Now that my children are older and going to school full time, I try and be as productive as possible duuring the day. I live by a to-do list although I’m not always proud of that. Some of my hats overlap, which is nice at times. For example, I often have mini styling convos in the halls of the school while I am there for a meeting – ha.

All of them!

Okay, okay… if I had to narrow it down I would choose the dress emoji 👗, the blowing a kiss emoji 😘, the zany face emoji 🤪, the grimacing face emoji 😬, the raising hands emoji 🙌, the face palm emoji 🤦‍♀️, and the praying hands emoji 🙏🏻

We met and fell in love in college. He actually proposted on the Power T on the Univeristy of TN football field. We got married the following May. We lived in McMinnvile for a while then moved to Franklin and finally settled in Nashville a year later. We actually built our dream home just a few years ago and I hope we will be here making memories forever!

Kaiser, Mary Catherine & James. They are the reason I do what I do!

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that… nope! They are just under 2 years apart. My middle is taller than her sis so that often makes people think they are the same age or that she is older. As they have gotten older the age difference has become more obvious, but gosh, in the younger years- it was THE ?.

Several people have asked me this and my response is always the same… I’m a big fan of sharing all the brands that I wear and love. If you ask me, life’s all about mixing and matching. It’s always fun to mix a splurge with a save, in my opinion. While I do believe in investing in quality versatile pieces, I also love a 1 season item you purchased for a reasonable price to mix in.

I mean, how boring would it be if we only wore one type of clothing or only at one kind of restaurant or only had one kind of friend. Gosh, I’m thankful for the ability to miz and match in just about every aspect of life, aren’t you?

Some of my favorite places to shop are: Avara, Anthropologie, J Crew, Tuckernuck, Jude Connally, Emily McCarthy , and Amazon.

Let me know if you have a brand or boutique you think I should check out!