5 Must-Haves For Your Spring Wardrobe (Ladies Edition)

The First Day of Spring is approaching… We’ve sprung time forward here in The South, which means it doesn’t start to get dark until about 7:30pm now.

And, y’all, this nicer weather we’re experiencing here in Nashville is making me think ALL about my spring wardrobe.

Despite the allergies, spring is one of my favorite seasons because it allows me to mix and match my fall wardrobe with my summer wardrobe. If you’re wondering, we have cool mornings, hot afternoons, and then back to cool evenings here in Tennessee.

But, I digress…

5 Must-Haves for Your Spring Wardrobe (Ladies Edition)

1 – a Knit Dres

This past weekend I was thinking all about my wardrobe and the key pieces that every lady should have in their closest. I came to a conclusion that there are FIVE key pieces that I cannot live without as we move forward into springtime.

Are you ready for me to share them with you???

Knit dresses are the perfect transition because they keep you warm when it’s a bit chilly, but the knit fabric is breathable when it gets warmer in the afternoons.

My current go-to knit dress is the McKinney Dress. I love that I’m able to dress this down when picking my kiddos up in the carpool line or dress it up a bit if we decide to go out to eat for dinner.

Shop the Look!

McKinney Dress | Sneakers | Earrings

2 – Graphic Tees

I don’t think this wardrobe essential needs any explanation. This is a must-have for any season or time of the year. Am I right???

Shop the Look!

Be the Good Graphic Tee | Act with Hart Graphic Tee | Sunshine State of Mind Graphic Tee | Crestview Tee

3 – Jeans

Gosh, shopping for jeans can be just downright tough. This was how I felt until I discovered Good Hart jeans. The price point is totally worth it. These jeans hold up wash after wash and make me feel so confident in my own skin.

Shop the Look!

Belle Flare Jean | Sommerset Skinny (Regular Wash) | Sommerset Skinny (Light Wash) | Windsor Straight Leg

4 – Skirts

Pair your graphic tee’s with a fun and flirty skirt and you’ll have a winning combination for your springtime festivities.

Shop the Look!

Adrian Skirt | Apricot Tree Skirt

5 – Sneakers

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I love me a good pair of sneakers. I’ve highlighted my go-to sneakers below! And, because I’m constantly on my feet, I believe that a good pair of shoes is totally worth it investing in. This is why I’ve highlighted 4 go-to options that fall under each category: splurge, spend, save, and major save!

Shop the Look!

Splurge | Spend | Save | Major Save

Let’s Recap…

The five must-haves for your springtime wardrobe are: a knit dress, graphic tee’s, jeans, a skirt, and sneakers.

What do you think about my list? Would you add to it or take something away? Let me know what you think in the comments.

P.S. Check out for the sister blog on in a week or so: 5 Must-Haves For Your Spring Wardrobe (Girls Edition)

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